This story first appeared in the Adirondack Land Trust’s 2023 Annual Report, and includes conservation projects totaling 993 acres that were completed from July 1, 2022 to August 31, 2023.


1) Lake Placid | THAT View! 187 acres purchased at the corner of Route 73 and Adirondack Loj Road outside of Lake Placid that the Adirondack Land Trust will keep and manage as a conservation and recreation area. Our goals: maintaining the iconic view; keeping the forests intact, including 500 feet of wild shoreline on the Ausable River; conducting cultural due diligence; and developing a long-term management plan that includes grassland and forest stewardship and publicly accessible trails.


2) Caroga In Fulton County, a 20-acre inholding surrounded by Ferris Lake Wild Forest purchased for future transfer to New York State.

3) Harrietstown A 5-acre inholding transferred to New York State, closing a gap in Saranac Lakes Wild Forest shoreline on Upper Saranac Lake in Franklin County.

4) Johnsburg 17 acres transferred to New York State, completing the shoreline protection of Thirteenth Lake, a popular destination within the 114,010-acre Siamese Ponds Wilderness, which spans both Warren and Hamilton counties.

5) Keene 137 acres acquired for future transfer to New York State, along with 25 adjoining acres already owned by the Adirondack Land Trust. These parcels border the 275,460-acre High Peaks Wilderness and feature hiking trails that lead to peaks including Rooster Comb, Upper and Lower Wolfjaw, and Snow.


6) Onchiota | Six Nations Iroquois Cultural Center 333 acres purchased in Franklin County and then transferred to the nonprofit cultural institution. This provides a new site for their visitors center, while forests under conservation easement will expand educational programming that reflects Haudenosaunee land uses and stewardship practices.

7) Willsboro | Ben Wever Farm 294 acres of farmland with nearly two miles of forest along the Boquet River and tributaries protected by conservation easement in Essex County.