The Art of Winter Photography: Field Workshop

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For those interested in practicing what you learned in the March 1 webinar, we are delighted to offer a free in-person session with Manuel Palacios. Attendance is limited to 10 participants. We will revise the concepts and techniques learned during the presentation and apply them on the field while photographing a beautiful location in the Adirondacks. Attendance at the virtual event is recommended, but not required. Follow Manuel’s work on Instagram @zone3photo.

About Manuel Palacios
Manuel Palacios is a scientist and outdoor photographer based out of Upstate New York in the Mohawk River Valley area. For Manuel, landscape photography is not just a way to document moments but a means to express his deep connection to nature and interpret the world around him. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of photography, he is constantly experimenting with new techniques and sharing his knowledge with others, inspiring them to see the world in new ways through the lens of their cameras. Manuel’s work is a true celebration of the natural world and a testament to the power of photography to connect us to the beauty of nature.

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