Last week a group of unfamiliar birds caught my eye in Keene. Flitting about, they were robin-sized but not robin-like. After I casually mentioned this at the office, our bird-obsessed stewardship manager, Derek Rogers, couldn’t contain his curiosity so he took a drive to the site. Luckily, the birds were still there. With a smile on his face, he reported back to the staff: “pine grosbeaks,” adding that this species is not commonly seen in the Adirondacks. Everyone felt a little lighter, more connected through the wonders of nature.

As conservationists, we love sightings like this and sharing stories about wildlife encounters – whether common or rare. Each is a reminder that wildlife needs wild places to thrive and saving land creates a healthier planet in multiple ways.

In that spirit, we are thrilled to share a 60-second video of wildlife clips from protected properties. We thank you for your commitment to conserving Adirondack lands and waters, and look forward to the wildlife sightings, outdoor adventures, and conservation accomplishments ahead in 2023.

Happy holidays,

Mike Carr, on behalf of the Adirondack Land Trust team
Executive Director

Red fox photograph at top by Larry Master