Fred M. and Walker D. Kirby Land Stewardship Endowment

Ensuring that private land conservation will endure

The Adirondack Land Trust cares for more than 50 conservation easements across 9,000 square miles of northern New York. These properties include 20 working farms (7,363 acres) that produce milk, apples, eggs, cattle and hay; 3,327 acres of working forest; 1,274 acres of recreation lands; and 1,733 acres of forested shoreline.

Through conservation easements, landowners can protect their land in perpetuity while helping to preserve their community's rural, agricultural and wildland values. ALT actively works with easement-land owners to meet mutual conservation goals. Our obligation to them and the land is forever. This behind-the-scenes work is the unseen side of conservation, and in the early days of easements in the U.S., the long-term cost was not adequately factored into the price of protecting a property. 

The F. M. Kirby Foundation in 2015 established the Adirondack Land Trust's Fred M. and Walker D. Kirby Land Stewardship Endowment to provide and inspire greater support for the critical but unseen role of stewardship in land conservation. Building the Kirby Stewardship Endowment will make us more effective in helping landowners act as environmental stewards for their lands today and in the future. Meeting stewardship obligations through an endowed fund will also increase our capacity to protect additional lands and waters.

For more information on ways to give to the Adirondack Land Trust, please contact Nancy Van Wie, director of philanthropy, at