Linking People to the Land

Coon Mountain is the Adirondack Land Trust’s flagship preserve. Thousands of hikers annually explore the ecologically diverse trails. The preserve is open for birdwatching and other low-impact recreational use, and it serves as an outdoor classroom for schools and camps.

This family-oriented recreation site requires constant stewardship — from trail maintenance to invasive-species management. Now, the biggest need is a major overhaul of trails to prepare them to sustain current and future use.

We are committed to conservation that works for communities. One of our goals is to inspire new conservation champions right here in the Adirondacks. Helping more people have a positive experience in nature is one of the best ways we can instill support for conservation.

Your gift will: Improve and extend trails — drainage, erosion-proofing, new bridge, new rock "staircase" in the talus, and switchback repair. 

Project timeframe: Summer 2018-Summer 2020

Goal: $39,520 Goal met! News to come in spring 2019...

For more information on ways to give to the Adirondack Land Trust, contact Nancy Van Wie, director of philanthropy, at

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